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Default Seeking vehicle appraiser

Hey all, as above, I am looking for an appraiser. It can't be just anybody, it need to be a licensed individual, who can attest to the value of my wife's car.


Her Ford suffered catastrophic engine failure, and is now undrivable.

We want to sell it to our mechanic, for salvage value.

The tax office does not believe the stated value we are putting on form 130-U.

They gave me an Appraisal form 14-128, which needs to be filled out by someone with a dealer license or insurance adjuster license.

Any and all leads appreciated. I've been in contact with a few folks from this board, but have as of yet not been able to nail down the person that can help us out.

Tomorrow morning I will be at A) Cars&Coffee B) Mavs & Mocha C) Invasion Car Show, just haven't decided which. Anyways, if you're at any of these and you have some ideas, please let me know.

Happy Labor day.
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I used Houston Auto Appraisers (yes, they have appraisers in Dallas), when I had a value difference when purchasing a vehicle. Was very easy to deal with, and understood why the value was different and wrote that on the appraisal.

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