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Default FS: 2012 Supercharged G37 Sedan

Well, with a baby on the way I've been told to get rid of my modified car. As a result, my beloved Stillen Supercharged G37 Sedan is up for sale.

cliff notes on car:
- 2012 G37 Journey Sedan with 64K miles, clean title in hand.
- Premium package, heated seats, Nav, backup camera, front and rear sonar object detection, wood trim etc.
- Auto transmission with valve body job
- Steering wheel shifter paddles
- Stillen Supercharger kit with the following upgrades/supporting mods:
- upgraded Stillen extension cables for MAFS and throttle body (first version had problems)
- MAFs moved post blower, on separate banks
- 3 BAR Specialty Z MAP sensor kit added with new port in manifold for precision tuning
- upgraded fuel pump to DeatschWerks DW300 #9-301-1020 along with a relay wiring kit.
- CJ Motorsports billet aluminum fuel pump top hat to alleviate stock plastic top hat warping.
- replaced the kit's crappy injectors with GTR OEM injectors.
- restrictive y intake and connector replaced with K&N filter directly on blower inlet
- EcuTek tune by Seb at Specialty Z (premiere Nissan/Infiniti shop), above modifications as per his recommendations
- Innovate AFR gauge
- One step colder NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs (GTR plugs).
- Bilstein adjustable coilovers and custom 1 inch billet aluminum spacer for more ride height control
- Nvidia G300 catback exhaust
- Akebono front and rear rotors available uninstalled.
- Super lightweight Enkei RPF1s: 18x8.5 +30 up front, 18x9.5 +38 in the back (stock 17x8 OEM wheels available)
- like new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3 tires, 245/45 ZR18 fronts, 275/40 ZR18 rears
- The car is silver, but currently has a matte black Halo EFX liquid wrap. I can peel that wrap off for the buyer or keep it on if you prefer

Some more details:
I purchased the car supercharged on the stock Stillen kit and tune with 59,864 miles, around March 2017, from a dealership in Arizona and had it shipped over. The stock Stillen setup was inconsistent and disappointing. I added the Invidia exhaust with 2.5 inch piping all the way then did a lot of research and reached out to Specialty Z for EcuTek tuning. Sebastian recommended I move the MAFs as mentioned above and add the MAP sensor. During tuning we saw some inconsistencies with the fueling, so I upgraded the fuel pump (DeatschWerks DW300), added the relay wiring kit for consistent voltage in power source and added the CJ Motorsports Billet top hat as per Sebastian's recommendation. The end result was incredible. So much better than the stock Stillen setup and tune. I drove the car like this for about a year, not putting much miles on it as I have another vehicle as well.

Earlier this year I started getting a rough start and misfire, so after some troubleshooting including swapping catalytic converters and brand new spark plugs and a compression check at PRT Performance which showed a super healthy motor we finally found out it was one of the Stillen kit's injectors going bad. I replaced all injectors with OEM GTR injectors for peace of mind. No worrying about modified injectors going bad, I now have OEM injectors. I got a full re-tune from Specialty Z and now the car is perfect as is and there is an EcuTek license on the ECU allowing you to re-flash maps as you desire, you'd just need a cable.

When I put the Bilstein coilovers on, the car was a bit too low even on max ride height, so I put a set of spacers along with new mounts to get the ride height where I wouldn't scrape, yet still be lower than stock and enjoy the handling benefits. The car handles very well while still being comfortable on the street, and the steering feel is great.

I have a bit less than 5K miles on coilovers, wheels/tires, kit upgrades and exhaust.

The car is amazing, with instant power and torque. It just goes right off the line and sticks you back in your seat. One test drive and you'll be hooked.

Asking price with a few options are as follows obo:

$16,499: Minus the Enkeis and Bilstiens. So the car goes back to stock wheels and stock suspension.
$16,899: Minus the Enkeis. So the car goes back to stock wheels.
$17,399: Full package, along with all the extras (stock Stillen kit parts like dual filters and y-pipe, stock exhaust, extra set of catalytic converters, stock suspension, extra set of spark plugs etc)

All these are great deals, given the stock Stillen kit before all the upgrades retails for over $6 grand, Bilstiens are around $1700K etc. Then you factor in the upgrades I made to the kit, tune and EcuTek license and additional parts + labor, I don't think there is a better deal currently.

More pictures on Dallas Craigslist (and Autotrader): https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ct...816693656.html
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