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I think once Tiger gets his life straight and moves on, he will start to dominate again. I played junior golf and a bit of college against him. You guys have no idea what the kid is about. His focus and work ethic is like no other.

I think he is using this injury as an excuses to get his life sorted out and get comfortable with the idea of being away from his kids and the fact he will never be with his hot as wife again. Once he comes to face that and moves on with his life, he will get back to the tiger of old.

Keep in mind, Jack kicked some major ass as in late 30's to early 40's.
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Originally Posted by GTCole View Post
Golf and Nascar are done. The people that run that stuff drove the sport in the ground for money and didn't realize they were doing it. Don't they each have about 7000 events a year?
Disagree with you on NASCAR, the crowds get bigger and bigger every year; as a matter of fact, IMO NASCAR is the only one doing it right.

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2 points here...first I just wanted to post something to get the Rangers off the main page. Pissed me off every time I saw it. Second- its good to see Tiger back. I actually watched a little golf again.
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State of Steve
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