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Default Got rid of the Jeep..

Picked up my 2018 Wrangler back in March or so. It's been a great Jeep, but between how bad my welds look and Jeep not willing to do anything about it, how bad the steering is, and all the other annoying first year issues, I decided to Frozen it up and let it go.

Was working on jumping into a 2019 STI Limited, when my wife convinced me to wait until they do the refresh in 2020 since I'll likely want that. While looking at alternative options, I ran across the 2019 Civic SI. Never had a Civic before. Took it for a test drive and it was a zippy little car. I haven't had a FWD car in a really long time. Figured I'd try it out.

For the price, seems like you get a lot for your money.

The head unit has Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. It also runs Android natively, so I was able to root it and install my own apps on it.

Only mods I've done have been cosmetic. I hated how the headlight temperature didn't match the DRLs, so I installed new LED bulbs that match. I also got tinted side corners with switchback LEDs. I heard installing the TypeR rear sway bar reduces understeer a little, so I might do that. Otherwise, I'll probably keep it pretty stock.
2019 Honda Civic SI

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